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About Us

Safety Partners is a family business based in Waikato. We are experienced Health and Safety Consultants who can transform how your people approach Health and Safety. In doing so, we can help improve workers’ safety and turn your Health and Safety expenditure into an investment that helps deliver long-term bottom-line growth.

At Safety Partners, we keep Health and Safety Consulting simple by delivering practical solutions for your workplace and easy for people to follow. We also ensure that each solution fits your needs by working with you.

We also understand that businesses can only reap significant benefits when they have a partner that provides active support. So instead of leaving you with a great plan and waving goodbye, we'll build a trusted partnership. We'll take time to get inside your business, see what makes it tick and, importantly, get to know your people and how they work.

We provide Health and Safety Consulting services across the full range of New Zealand industries. We also partner with businesses of any size – working directly with small owner-operators through to big business and government organisations, no matter your location.




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