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Legacy Funerals is a full-service funeral provider, that is different to most.

In 2007, Gregory Brownless who was born and raised in Hamilton - then owner of Woodhill and Tauranga Park Funeral Homes, made a decision that would change his life and the lives of others in the community around him.

Driven by a longstanding desire to give something back to the people who had given him so much. Greg decided to literally give his business to the community. And so, Legacy Funerals and the Legacy Trust were created. The Trust distributes profits from the funeral home to the local community.

Legacy Funerals Tauranga and Cambridge expanded in 2022 to service the entire Waikato region with the establishment of new premises in Hamilton.

At Legacy Funerals we are committed to telling the story of the person that has passed. We go out of our way to look for the new and different ways to celebrate life while upholding the traditions of the past. We believe it is important that the people you deal with are both qualified and experienced.


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