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Attract, recruit, & retain values aligned talent
We are passionate about connecting people to jobs they love, because people who love their job and fit into your team enable your organisation to thrive.

?Attract professionals who fit into your team
?In order for new staff to be effective they not only need to be able to do the job, but they need to align to the values and ethos of the team. HR Attract use values based recruitment and the power of coHired’s ethos to find people who will excel in your organisation.

Improve team performance with experience fit
?In addition to great Team Fit, we will source and attract people who have the experience and qualifications that allow your organisation to achieve more. Great Team Fit + Great Role Fit = Great culture and performance.
Recruitment Marketing
Most HR people are not trained in marketing, so we have our own recruitment marketers to attract and engage active and passive jobseekers through:
· Job-board Advertising
· Collaborative Matching
· Social Media Campaigns

Research Based Sourcing
We know that for jobseekers finding a job they love is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. We use our research team to find and surface people who may be passive in the market and have the transferable skills we are hunting for. We use a personalised (not automated) approach to reaching out and connecting with them. We value authentic human relationships and are known for finding candidates through personal recommendations and networks.


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