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The House of Science Central Waikato Charitable Trust empowers teachers to raise Scientific Literacy by providing comprehensive hands on bi-lingual science resources to Primary & Intermediate schools.

New Zealand’s future prosperity relies on our ability to embrace scientific discoveries and advanced technologies. A publication released April 2021, by the Education Review Office (ERO) reviewed the quality of science leadership, assessment and resources at 78 schools throughout NZ and demonstrated that 50% of primary schools are not teaching science well. This, however, is an improvement on the 73% of schools reportedly not teaching science well in 2014.

Our unique educational model is designed to bring practical, hands-on science into Year 1 to 8 classrooms. Each fortnight we deliver science resource kits that includes everything an educator needs (bilingual teacher manual, student activity cards, and all equipment and consumables) to teach a science concept to a group of 30+ students in a fun and engaging way. Each kit contains at least 5 activities covering a wide range of topics (we currently have 39 topics available) including climate change, nanotechnology, ocean ecosystems, microbes and bacteria etc.

Primary and intermediate aged children, regardless of their geographical location or teaching environment, should have the opportunity to explore, experiment and investigate science in all its forms. We believe young people deserve to be encouraged in their natural curiosity and be taught how to think, question and problem solve as they discover the world around them.


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