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New Zealand’s leading technology partner for human and animal applications. We work with innovators who are looking for an end to end solution provider that can support them through the entire process of R&D, product development, clinical trials, manufacture and commercialisation.

DEC has been practising perfect since 1941.

For over eighty years, DEC has been defined by the idea that innovative thinking must be met with manufacturing excellence.

DEC has outspent competitors in R&D, not just because we’re energised by technologically exciting ideas, but because we’ve pursued better ways of bringing these ideas to life, to wider markets and to more people.

From manufacturing BIC pens to developing NZ’s most successful milking systems; from making Fisher & Paykel Healthcare equipment to becoming Zoetis’ (formerly Pfizer) number one worldwide animal health manufacturer with CIDR – the global standard in slow release livestock fertility cycle control.

It’s not our over eighty years of history that matters now. It’s the practice this history represents in sharpening our injection moulding manufacturing and product development and commercialisation processes – in pursuit of perfect.


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