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About Us

Paeroa-based AgriSea is a family-owned business that pioneered the sustainable use of seaweed to make a range of products for the health of soil, animals, plants and people.
Clare and Tane Bradley, are the second generation to run the company which has been in operation for more than 25 years.
AgriSea certified organic soil and plant biostimulants, hand brewed from native New Zealand brown kelp and other plants, are having a massive impact on the primary sector enterprises that use them, as well as lifestyle blocks owners and home gardeners.
Healthy soil is the foundation of healthy plants and high-performing animals.
Incorporating AgriSea’s System of biostimulants into farms or orchards helps release locked up nutrients in soil. AgriSea soil and plant biostimulants work with nature to reduce pest and disease damage and reliance on additional synthetic fertilisers and chemical sprays.
New Zealand’s unique seaweed species Ecklonia radiata is gathered after storms under strict permit and limits, rather than harvested from the sea. This has avoided overharvesting and ensured seaweed continues its imperative role as an underwater forest.
AgriSea is also piloting the growth of a different seaweed species in another trial on land-based ponds in Kopu, testing the effectiveness in the bioremediation of waterways. AgriSea was a finalist for the Fieldays Innovation Awards for this project, won the 2021-22 Kudo Science Award for its partnership with Scion to produce nanocellulose from seaweed and named 2022 Maori Hi-Tech Company of the Year.


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