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You Way | Kia Roha is the new entity created in 2022 with the merging of Life Unlimited and Access Ability and encompasses services under that company name in addition to Mobility Centre and Altogether Autism. Your Way | Kia Roha is charitable trust dedicated to helping disabled people thrive, living the lives they choose in their communities. The parts of the organisation are:

Connections & Funding - who are based in Lower Hutt, Gisborne, Whanganui, New Plymouth and Dunedin and are contracted by the Government to support those with disabilities in those communities by getting them access to the support and funding they require.

Hearing Services - a Government funded nationwide free independent hearing testing service to identify issues and assist with accessing funding for hearing aids and other equipment.

Mobility Centre - NZ largest mobility equipment retailer with stores, van-based services and online sales

Altogether Autism - Autism awareness, acceptance and appreciation.

Community Services - supporting people with disabilities in the Waikato region.

Learning & Information - provision of learning workshops for disabled people, their whanau and professional.


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