Yashili New Zealand Dairy Co. Limited

Yashili New Zealand Dairy Co. Limited


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About Us

As one of the leading manufacturers of infant nutrition products, Yashili had the ambition to create the world’s finest infant formula. We needed to find the perfect place, with clean air, fresh water and fertile land, where the people who live there care about their environment and resources.

Yashili found it in New Zealand and in 2012 we invested in a state-of-the-art production facility at Pokeno in the Waikato region, where farmers use traditional free range grazing practices. The protein-rich grass ensures our farmers produce some of the finest, freshest milk in the world.

Yashili New Zealand Dairy Co. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yashili International Holdings Ltd and China Mengniu Dairy Co. Ltd, has created globally best-in-class facilities, utilising top-of-the-range technology and some of the finest automatic control and monitor systems. Temperature and humidity is exactly controlled and testing throughout all parts of the production process ensures the consistency of the finished product. Each tin of formula has full traceability so you know where your baby’s food has come from.

The premium infant formula we produce exceeds many of our stringent standards, from the raw materials to the manufacturing processes, in China, Australia and New Zealand.

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