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Swachh Group Ltd T/A Swachh Services & Solution


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Adjective: Without dirt or other impurities; unsoiled
Synonyms: Hygienic, immaculate, clean and tidy

Formed in 2019 by two Hamiltonians, Swachh has grown to operate out of every major city in Aotearoa by hiring and training expert cleaners and offering exceptionally competitive rates on every day essential services.
We take pride in the trust we've built with local partners and enjoy interacting with the wildly diverse enterprises that make up our economy.

We have been of service to:
-Construction companies
-Rental agencies
-Car dealerships
-Retirement villages
-Retail stores

So whether you're in the market for commercial, industrial, construction or domestic cleaning; "In one call we can clean it all!"
Call us now on 0800 333 033 to book a free quote.


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