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As most company owners are first-timers, it can be difficult for them to assess what needs to be done to build a company that supports them, a company providing more income, more freedom, and more scale. Therefore, it can be difficult to know the pieces of the puzzle you might be missing.

Warren Buffett says, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

You want to learn to create a company that works for you… providing you with your ideal… taking the stress out of your thinking, and being on top of every stage of growth and challenges that come with that…

Learn how to:
• Focus on the development of your company,
• Know the questions to ask yourself,
• Identify what pieces of the puzzle you might be missing,
• What to prioritise that makes a huge difference in the development of your company,
• Build, and run, a team… a clear strategy, road map, and action plan for momentum,
• Get good financial information and learn how to run your business with it,
• Lead a highly engaged team… developing your people,
• Get ‘everyone’ on your team aligned to a common purpose and goal,
• Engaged team members and have them make better decisions,
• Increased productivity and efficiency across your business,
• Improve communication and reporting processes,
• How to effectively delegate some of your functions so you can focus on the development of your company,
• Structure your business so leadership disciplines set up a flow of results, and importantly
• Master mind-set and leadership disciplines to set you up as a serious contender in business.
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Te Rapa TNG Goal Setting Session Jan 2022
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