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About Us

Managing Financial Stress
We recognize that difficulties with financial management can be stressful. Unchecked stress can adversely impact families and children and may contribute to the risk of family or domestic violence.

What Do We Do?
Our Financial Mentors provide more than just budgeting advice. They offer a one-on-one service focusing on empowering people to take control of their finances. They work alongside you and your family or whanau to build trust and assist with your complex needs.

Non-Judgemental Approach: Our mentors offer a non-judgemental and supportive environment.
Sound Financial Knowledge: They provide expert advice and support to help you connect with local networks and social services, such as Work and Income, mental health support, addiction services, and housing assistance.
Debt Management: Our mentors will help you navigate the system to control debt, negotiate reduced payments with creditors, and generate additional resources.
Advocacy: They will advocate on your behalf to reduce the stress of negotiating with creditors or other lenders.
What is MoneyMates?
MoneyMates support groups are based on the concept of sharing and learning together as a group. This approach has been successful in both large and small communities, similar to programs like Weight Watchers.


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