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In 2014, a working group was established as it became clear that Hamilton City Council was looking to exit ownership of Clarence St Theatre.

Led by Creative Waikato various public meetings and forums were held to find out what was missing in the community’s venues and how Clarence St Theatre may be able to fulfil this need.

Over 19 varying groups were part of the discussions, open days and forums and this resulted in a proposal being put forward to Hamilton City Council to transfer ownership to a trust that would run the theatre.

In January 2015, a trust was formed comprising of key business and industry leaders from Hamilton and across the nation. The Trust entered discussion with the Hamilton City Council and in June 2015 the theatre was unanimously gifted to Clarence Street Theatre Trust on the provision various key performances indicators were met around attendance, occupancy and sustainability.

In December 2015, a General Manager was appointed to develop the programming of the theatre, increase its attendance and occupancy and build a sustainable model of theatrical excellence.

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